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Allison is the owner and lead artist of Beautifully Unafraid LLC. She is an experienced artist servicing all throughout New England. Allison has had a passion for everything beauty-related since she can remember. Growing up, Allison would steal her mother's royal blue eyeliner and practice applying makeup for hours. You could say this is where her passion for beauty (as an artist) began.

Allison started her career as a freelance artist working for a company based in Boston, Massachusetts. There she worked alongside top artists to develop her style and sharpen her skills. Allison has worked with clients in television and the fashion industry, with most of her experience coming from the bridal makeup industry. Allison describes her makeup artistry as "discovering what someone finds beautiful about themselves and enhancing their natural beauty."


At this time Allison was also enrolled in the nursing program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. After completing college and earning her degree, she had an opportunity to work for the coveted makeup artistry brand, MAC Cosmetics. Allison spent over two years refining her skills and broadening her makeup experiences through MAC. There, her idea for Beautifully Unafraid was born.

Today, Allison pursues her work passionately while growing her business. She continues adding artists with the same passion as her to the Pro Artist Team, and creating beautiful makeup looks on the faces of her clients.

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